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Neryungri town city capital of neryungrinskiy ulus capital neryungrinskiy state

Neryungri — capital of South Yakutiya.

If we accept for the city center monument to Lenin, that over the area near the administration, then the coordinates of city are the following: 56,65783° of the north latitude and 124,712383° of eastern length, or differently: 56° 39.470 ' N; 124° 42.743 ' E. from the city center to Chulman river westwards the distance is equal of 3,75km.
Directly in the city airport is absent, it is located in the settlement Of Chulman, approximately in 30 km from Neryungri. RR train station is eastwards located in the outskirts of city. Through the settlements silver Bohr and Chulman passes the automobile main M56 northwards to the side of Yakutsk in south - to the side Of Tynda. .
villages of neryungri village chulman river chulman village berkakit village serebryaniy bor village silver wood village silver forest village silver bor village silver forest of pine pine-tree pine-trees

Appearance and development of city is tightly connected with the mastery of the carbon layers of South Yakutiya. Beginning of which would be impossible without the building of BAM (Baykal-Amur Trunk Line) and subsequently AYaM. In 1930- e the years were built the first sections of the way of Baykal-Amur main, was approximately at the same time discovered The Chulmakanskoe layer of coal. This occurred with the building of the highway of the Large Never - Aldan. From 1930 here appeared the mines Chulmanskaya and “Pioneer”.

map russia and south yakutiya moscow yakutsk neryungri neryungrinskiy ulus state karta

At the end August 1950 geologists stumbled on the layer of coal, whose power could not be determined, but thickness of the layer from the coming out cliff to measure was easily it was 5 meters. Layer was called name “five-meter”. In year with the small they revealed the still one layer, which lies above - “powerful”. This was not far from the mouth Of Neryungri river.
IN 1961 year began the development Of the Neryungrinskiy layer. In 1970 years BAM declares by All-Union Komsomol building, while in 1973 are asserted the reserves of coal Of the Neryungrinskiy layer. Year 1974 - it is finished   the building of small Neryungrinskiy quarry. Is in 1975, November 6 formed Neryungri city. True, then it was placed on other bank Of Chulman river, in the present by "Prom. Zone". This was even not city, but settlement “Pioneer - niy”. People began to live in the tents, it is later in the beams and the houses PDU (mobile standardized). Certainly, were built lumber houses, and shield. But they were not sufficient on all those living. For the first rock houses the panels brought from under Yakutsk. The plant of large-panel housebuilding KPDS left to the design capacity at the end 1982. But the last tenants of the settlement “of pioneer” were moved into “new city” at the beginning 1992 of year.

The local earth is rich not only in piece of coal. Nedra they store many others minerals. Including precious stones and drags. - metals. This and diamonds and gold. In Neryungri located many offices (read: psevdo-offices) prospecting cooperatives. This “Neryungi-Metallik” and “flame” and “Amga” is many others (in more detail it is possible to find on The Neryungrinskiy site).Else about organizations on page of this site .
  gold coal aurum corbon ferrum iron zoloto ugol jelezo karta map neryungri berkakit chulman serebryaniy bor silver forest silver wood iengra river as head deer with many branchy bushy horns zolotinka auriferous gold-bearing gold-bearing gravel nagorniy village the country rural population
stlanik stlanic stlanyk stlanyc bush pine shrub small pine-tree small wood cone as fir-cone strobil Is rich here nature. From the berries here grow the blueberry, mountain cranberry, currants red and black, and also “Kamenushka” - the local variety of currants. Still: shiksha, honeysuckle, cranberry and raspberries.
Llumps of stlanik with the size of seeds are inferior to cedar, but they are also useful. But dwarf tree vegetation strewed nearly each knoll.

In the lakes here are conducted the pike, soroga, crucian, perch. In the rivers - grayling, lenok, huchen. In the scaffolding it is full of game, especially, last year, when because of the forest fires in the adjacent regions, here moved many animals. Now already no one is surprised, when in the urban park to you squirrel runs up to solicit dainties. Peltry beasts in our scaffolding are many, this and sables, and squirrel, both ermines and gluttons. Large game is sufficient. This and moose and deer, and recently increased and a quantity of bears…

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