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About Neryungri ...

About the capital of South Yakutiya - Neryungri

Will be illuminated the problems of the city Neryungri, its inhabitants, enterprises and so on on this site. Possibly to this the content of site will not limit.

Time will tell…

Site slightly changed ...

Besides exterior view changed also the content - appeared the map Of Neryungri of a good quality. Page with the news. Video, photo, 3d - now directly on the site. References also changed. To you must be pleased. Successes!


image тукнгтпкш neryungri emblem of sity town logo logotip old car on picture with coal track on road three pillars mountins mountains sky нерюнгри нерюнгринские нерюнгринцы 2008 2009 2010 1

Neryungri are earlier…

is in more detail >



 coat of arms, armorial bearings pl state emblem, national emblem royal crest logotip logo simbol neryungri neru five fish round three post, pole pillar there fasten horse blue background yellow fihes yellow pillars seven white diamonds new gerb нерюнгри нерюнгринский якутия россия

Neryungri now

is in more detail >

If weather yesterday's we harvest F5 (keyboard)
South Yakutia Neryungri republic Sakha in Russia free download all content russian site on english films online photo video 3d models you can find many interesting on this site transport auto planes and trains animals birds fish flowers trees grass geologic geographic reference book yth.yuhb .;yfz zrenbz hjccbz heccrbq cfqn yth.yuhbycrbq htcehc нерюнгри 2010 южная якутия россия

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